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Location:miami fl
Status: taken

Bands/Artists:nelly,simple plan,blink182,T.I,and ashlee simpson
Actors/Actresses: j-lo,nelly,ashlee simpson
Food:pizza,hamburger umm i cant think of eny right now
TV Shows: family guide,small vill,seven heaven umm i think thats it
Movies: the day after tomarow,mean girls,the forgotten,and shall we dance


What do you think of....

Reality TV shows: road rules
Brittany Spears:i think shes very pretty
Christina Agulera: she is supper hot
Adam Brody: hes okay
Mary-Kate and Ashley: there hot and i love all there movies and books
Teen Sex: i think that b4 havein sex u gotta think about it more then 2 times because u mite do it with some one u mite regret after
Ashlee SImpson: shes very pretty + i love all her songs

And We're not gonna ask what you think of abortion cuz we dont care what you think

Show us 2 LINKS of where you promoted us: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=hot_hot_sex 

i only got one

Now give us three clear pics of ur self try nd give one body shot nd one goood one of ur face

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